The Kid Cannabis Story

Additional Details of the Kid Cannabis Story continued:

A group of cannabis smugglers was put together by Nate Norman and Topher Clark. Six of their close friends were chosen to help bring marijuana into the country, by foot.

The operation is quickly a successful enterprise; within a year Nate Norman had amounted enough money to buy his mother a lake house, retirement fund and rented out a party house/marijuana transfer point in Spokane, Washington.However, the great success came with controversy, notably by the friends who were doing the grunt-work of the smuggling operation.

Aggrivated with Nate Norman controlling all of the money, Topher Clark and the rest of the gang argue with Nate, eventually leading into Nate agreeing to pay the boys three times their normal pay for the next marijuana smuggling run.More trouble arises when a fellow local dealer confronts Nate Norman and the crew for stepping into his market. Brendan Butler was also on a smuggling run in Canada and held the group at gunpoint, demanding they turn over all of their weed to him.

The group quickly ran away, and were lucky to avoid the gunshots fired at them when they made a break for it.Parties filled with girls, alcohol and marijuana ensued at the Spokane house, and all was good until the day when Brendan Butler shows up with a loaded gun and shoots into the air. Nate Norman came out with his gun and a brief shootout happened in the yard.

The Kid Cannabis Story